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Monterey Peninsula Engineering
P.O. Box 2317
Monterey, California

Office: 831.384.4081
Fax: 831-384-5078



Monterey Peninsula Engineering is based in Marina and is a proud member of its community.  MPE is a longstanding supporter of local civic, non-profit, and youth programs.  MPE is also a regional leader in material recycling, diverting tens of thousands of tons of  debris from the waste stream annually.  Not only does this take pressure off the landfill, it eliminates over fifty thousand truck miles from our local highways each year.

Our corporate headquarters and maintenance facility is located at 192 Healy Avenue.  This central location allows for convenient servicing of the tri-county area.  The new office building was built in 2003 and  was designed to handle both our current needs and to allow for future growth.

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